Ram 1500 (DS) GVM Upgrade



With our GVM upgrade, you can go from a GVM (Gross Vehicle Mass) of 3,450kg to 3,795kg. Not only do we upgrade the suspension, but we also reinforce the rear diff for extra strength. If you purchased your vehicle through the Ram Australia Dealership Network, you already have the 10% GVM from 3,090kg to 3,400kg. To do a further 10% GVM upgrade you need to do it properly and brace the rear diff and axle housing like we do.

Our kit includes

  • 2" Lifted Front Coils
  • 2" Lifted Extra Heavy Duty Rear Coils
  • Front & Rear EFS Shocks
  • Rear Diff & Axle Housing Reinforcement
  • Mod Plate
  • Installation
  • Optional Rear Airbags ($600)

This is for the Ram 1500 DS (2012-2018 model). 

Click here for a video on this kit.

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