Ram Tow Mirrors



2 x Genuine OEM Ram Tow Mirrors which are customised and installed locally at our facility in Brisbane. These just aren't an off-the-shelf product, we have a bit of work to get them right for the Australian market, this includes changing the passenger mirror to suit a Right Hand Drive Ram.

We have seen many customers come back after getting their tow mirrors elsewhere with warning lights on their dash as a result of the electrical componentry being done incorrectly - so get it right the first time with SCD.

This price includes both the drivers & passenger side tow mirrors and includes installation at SCD American Vehicles.

Available with or without power fold. Just check to see if your Ram has the button to fold in the mirror. If it doesn't, then the power fold function will not work.

Power Fold Mirrors are Chrome.

We do not ship the tow mirrors - they can only be installed by us.

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