Ram Headboard Long Range Fuel Tank

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Here is a Long Range Fuel Tank carrying an additional 105L that will fit in a Ram 1500 / 2500 / 3500 without Ramboxes. Designed to fit in the recess of the tray, this tank comes complete with a powder-coated aluminium tank, electronic solenoid release valve with a backup manual adjustment valve (for redundancy).

This is a gravity fed fuel tank so no pumps are required. With the simple flick of a switch on your dash, the electronic solenoid valve will release fuel for 10 minutes before automatically closing. This switch is always connected to power so you can even activate the solenoid valve while you have stopped for lunch, etc. You can also just manually turn the valve to the Open position to release fuel into the main tank and then manually turn the valve off.

You will also have access to your original tie down points so you maximise the usability of your Ram 1500. This fits perfectly under most canopies & tonneau covers (Genuine RAM, BakFlip, Truxedo) and can also be removed for when you need to utilise the extra tray space. 

This takes up 15cm of bed space (from the headboard) and has 10cm of available space from either side of the tank to the side of the tray.

Price includes installation at SCD American Vehicles.

*NOTE: Will not fit in models with the Rambox. We are developing one to be compatible with the Rambox tray shortly*