Ram 2500 / 3500 Radflo Shocks

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RADFLO Suspension Technology is a manufacturer of high performance custom OE and universal length shock absorbers based in South California. 

SCD decided to work with Radflo as they are still assembled by hand to ensure optimum quality and performance. They were also the only company willing to custom design & valve the shocks for Australian roads, unlike other major brands which are designed for the smooth concrete highways in the United States.

Our shocks have a remote (or external) reservoir that increases fluid capacity, which in turn helps lower fluid temperature to eliminate shock fade. This provides you with a longer lasting shock that will provide you the ability to punch through rough terrain in comfort.

These Radflo shocks also have compression adjusters, allowing you to make the shocks a bit softer when you're not loaded. On the flip side, when you have loaded your Ram up with some extra weight, you tighten the shocks to be able to control the weight. A simple twist of the nozzle will now see your fully loaded Ram have it's optimum control on the road.

These are a 2.5" shock which will cater for a lift up to 2". For the lifted coils, check out the SCD 2" Lifted Coils.

Price is per shock.