Nissan Titan Bak Flip Tonneau Cover



Protect your precious cargo with this rugged hard folding Tonneau Cover, easy to use and very durable. 


Product Information

The BAKFlip G2 is the country's # 1 Hard Folding Tonneau Cover for a reason: Truck owners know there is NO more versatile vehicle on the road today than a truck with a tonneau cover that provides security and easy access to their truck bed. The BAKFlip G2 provides a huge, secure trunk when the cover is closed and the tailgate is locked. However, when it is time to "use your truck as a truck" and you need to haul larger items, you simply flip open the cover in the fully open position for 100% access to your truck bed! The BAKFlip G2 is the top seller in the BAKFlip line of tonneau covers as because it provides rugged aluminum surfaced panels for those who want a tonneau cover with durability, good looks, and value. When you need a cover that gives you the ultimate flexibility, security, and access to your truck bed, look no further. This cover gives you maximum theft protection when closed, while providing instant access to your entire truck bed when you need it.  


As with all of our BAKFlip covers, the BAKFlip G2 gives you FULL ACCESS to your entire truck bed in seconds!  When you need to haul larger items, simply fold the cover open amd continue until you flip the cover against the back cab of your truck/  Our uniqe locking rod system secures the cover's padded surface against the cab of your truck.  In addition, the BAKFlip gives you full access to your stake hole pockets, so it easily integrates with virtually all tie downs, tubular rails, and other accessories. 


Our BAKFlip line of tonneau covers have always provided a secure traveling position when the cover is fully open and fully closed.  However, the BAKFlip covers now have an ALL-NEW integrated buckle system (concealed underneath the cover) which allows you to secure the cover partially open while laying flat on the rails of your truck!   This new "flipped flat" position provides an additional traveling option for those who don't want to obscure the view out of their back window, but still need to travel with the cover partially open!  Now you can travel with your cover secured in the FULLY OPEN, FULLY CLOSED, or FLIPPED FLAT position!  

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