2019+ Ram 2500 2" Lift Kit (Air Suspension)

Shock Option: EFS
Delivery: Not Installed


If you're looking for a Ram 2500 2" Lift Kit and have the auto levelling airbag rear suspension that is from the factory, then look no further. We've done the research, the design and the testing to bring you the lift kit that all the other dealers are now using. 

Australia stands tall!

SCD American Vehicles worked with King Springs to designs Australia's first ever 2" lifted coils for the Ram 2500 back in 2015, and have sold hundreds of sets since.


The Foundation - Front Coils

Once upon a time it was all about coil spacers to lift your vehicle, which is not exactly the best way to lift the vehicle. So we offer 2" lifted coils for the front to pop it up and make the Ram look great. 

In the rear we have designed a special 2" spacer block that slide under the airbags and have extended the sensors so the vehicle is adjusted to the new height. A lot of technicality is required to install this rear setup and you will require access to a WiTech to inflate / deflate the bags on the Ram.

All Ram vehicles are designed with a 1" rake in the rear for aero dynamics but also because they are a tow vehicle in the United States - as soon as you put a caravan or trailer on the back they would level out. By levelling out the front to match the rear, your vehicle will be back heavy as soon as you throw something on to the tow hitch unless you put in the Airbag Man airbags in the rear coils.

We offer a full Lifetime Warranty against sagging and breakage to give you peace of mind.


Coils are what carries the weight, but the shocks are what controls the weight as your vehicle moves around. There are a few shock options to consider with your 2" lift.


EFS Shocks

Here at SCD Performance we are huge fans of local Australian company EFS. They made a pretty awesome shock for SCD and the American Vehicle market here in Australia. Featuring a 2.5" wide shock instead of your traditional 2" for monotube shocks, the EFS shocks have a 45mm inner bore, are dual walled for extra resilience, come a 20mm hardened piston rod and are filled with low pressure nitrogen gas instead of foam. The Dynamic Motion Control Valve is a new advancement in shock technology which allows the piston valve to react within one hundredth of a second allowing automatic adjustment of the shocks without having to lift a finger. During slow, off road situations the EFS shock will allow your Ram's suspension to move in a more relaxed state allowing for greater articulation and off-road control. When you're punching down gravel or corrugated roads, the valving tightens up with the speed of the fluid passing through the valve inside the shock, automatically changing the rebound rate for more control and safety. So if you want the a comfortable ride without the hassles of having to adjust the shock, then EFS is for you.

Radflo Shocks

If you want the best possible ride quality, then look no further at the Radflo Remote Reservoir, Compression Adjustable suspension. These are best option for those who are touring Australia and frequently going offroad.

SCD decided to work with Radflo as they are still assembled by hand to ensure optimum quality and performance. They were also the only company willing to custom design & valve the shocks for Australian roads, unlike other major brands which are designed for the smooth concrete highways in the United States.

Our Radflo shocks have a remote (or external) reservoir that increases fluid capacity, which in turn helps lower fluid temperature to eliminate shock fade. This provides you with a longer lasting shock that will provide you the ability to punch through rough terrain in comfort.

These Radflo shocks also have compression adjusters, allowing you to make the shocks a bit softer when you're not loaded. On the flip side, when you have loaded your Ram up with some extra weight, you tighten the shocks to be able to control the weight. A simple twist of the nozzle will now see your fully loaded Ram have it's optimum control on the road.

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