Ram 1500 DT 2" Lift

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Minimise the sag in the rear of your Ram 1500 with some heavy duty rear coils with a 40mm raise. Custom made in Australia, these will ensure that you don't bottom out when loading up your Ram 1500 with extra weight via a trailer or caravan. 

Price is for the coils only. These work perfectly well with the stock shocks that come in the Ram 1500's however it will leave only 50mm of travel in the shocks. We suggest getting slightly longer shocks to cater for the 2" lift:

The rear is raised 40mm and the front is raised 50mm. 

Options for the rear:

  • 40mm Raised Standard (+20%)
  • 40mm Raised Heavy Duty (100-300kg extra support +40%) 
  • 40mm Raised Extra Heavy Duty (300-500kg extra support +60%)

For extra rear support, we recommend getting some Rear Airbags. Click here to view them.

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