Ram 1500 DS Battery Box



Power your accessories with our specially developed kit for your Ram.

Designed to suit the PowerSonic Deep Cycle AGM Battery (PDC-121250 - the same ones used by the QLD Ambulance Service), our battery boxes mount underneath the rear of the vehicle to give you the opportunity to power all your fridges and accessories in the back of your Ram.

Dimension of the battery are:

L: 12.99 (330) W: 6.81 (173) H: 8.35 (212) HT: 8.66 (220)

Click here for more details on the battery.

This is attached to the chassis rail on the RHS of the vehicle just in front of the rear wheel. The protection plate on the side / bottom of the battery box gives it superior protection against anything thrown it's way. 

Like all Deep Cycle AGM batteries, avoiding the heat of the engine bay is a must, hence the reason we mount it underneath the vehicle to get plenty of air flow. 


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